AMWA Region 3 Conference – 1/25/2020

We are so honored to have organized and hosted the annual AMWA Region 3 Conference on January 25th, 2020. A huge thank you to Drs. Svahn, Dolin, and Graff for taking time to inspire us with their advice and words of wisdom. Thank you to the Mobile CPR Project and Destiny for providing CPR and Narcan trainings! We are also grateful for the 12 medical students who came out during their study break to share their medical school journeys and encourage us on ours. Last, but definitely not the least, thank you to all the AMWA members who came out from multiple universities on a rainy day to celebrate women in medicine with us. We are thankful to have started off 2020 with all of you 💙 Check out our Instagram highlight to see pictures and videos from throughout the conference!

Ishita Srivastava, Eliana Jolkovsky, Caitlin Cavarrochi, Stephanie Esposito
With speakers Dr. Cara Dolin, Dr. Jennifer Svahn, and Dr. Veena Graff
Lara Liebmann, Ishita Srivastava, Eliana Jolkovsky, Caitlin Cavarrochi, Stephanie Esposito, Joanna Chorazeczewski
Eliana Jolkovsky, Dr. David Fajgenbaum

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